Saturday, September 16, 2006

Our financial help good, our vote on November 7 great, our best ideas~ PRICELESS!.

Can You Please Define "Progressive"

I don't think the Progressive label is applicable just because he uses the airwaves of a Trojan Horse.

Solly is a Democrat and that is it. He has convergent, divergent and alligning ideologies with his father and with many other elected officials. Dont try and undermine Solly with the "progressive" label.

John Kelly wants to take credit for the precinct chairs giving Solly the nod, but everybody knows WATT swung the balance to him. In combination with Solli's attributes and network, it was the written word that reached the precinct chairs. It was the written word that allowed them to become informed and make up their own minds. And it was the written word that provided the security and comfort zone to vote the way they felt was appropriate.

Progressive my a$$.

Solly is a Democrat for positive change. He is much smarter and much more independent than to allow an undermining agenda to gain control.

Anyway, we will not stand by idle and allow it either.

Once elected Solly must remain responsive to his constituents. We will make sure of it.

John, it aint gonna happen and all you are doing is trying to gain notoriety and support for an idealogy many an American Soldier gave his life eradicating. Dont come to South Texas and try to build a party by capitalizing on the division of our Democratic Party. There is a word for Northerners such as this; we call them YANQUIS.

Go back where you came from or better yet become a resident of Cuba or some other commie / socialist country.

Solomon P Ortiz is a Democrat for Positive Change.

Kenedeno & Associates

Monday, September 11, 2006

Garza has not followed up on his complaint against Noyola.

PRINT THIS STORY E-MAIL THIS STORY No charges planned in Noyola incident
By david kassabian Caller-TimesSeptember 9, 2006
Corpus Christi police are not planning to file assault charges against former Miller Principal Danny Noyola Sr. in connection with an August incident that involves KXTM radio host Roland Garza, officials said.
Garza accused Noyola of bursting into his radio booth about 7 p.m. Aug. 3 and punching him twice in the shoulder. Noyola said he was just being friendly and walked in to greet Garza.

Police Capt. John Houston said Garza has not followed up on his complaint against Noyola.
Garza said Friday the assault occurred and it's the department's responsibility to proceed if the case has merit. Garza said previously that he pressed charges against Noyola shortly after the incident happened.
Noyola could not be reached for comment late Friday.
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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Now the priceless gift provided from an unlikely source


9/7/06 1:10:05 AM

House district 33 of Corpus Christi, Texas received a gift from an unlikely source………. The Governor.

Now in November the voters will get to vote (their way) in the true spirit and fundamental nature of democracy.

On August 13, 2006 the democratic precinct chairs were asked to vote in the act of the actual voters vote.
The voters of district 33 did not ask this position; but NOW the real primary vote will happen for the voters of HD33.

Legally Allowed, A GIFT of a true vote is ~~~~~~~~to vote in November!

Voters will, as a final point, have their chance to say watt and whom they want despite the fraud of those who have attempted to exploit the voters and the people of who love and care @South Texas!

The Founding Fathers would be proud!