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Nueces De La Parra: Shamsie “Strong Arms” Solomon Ortiz & Rene Rodriguez

Nueces De La Parra: Shamsie “Strong Arms” Solomon Ortiz & Rene Rodriguez:

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Shamsie “Strong Arms” Solomon Ortiz & Rene Rodriguez

Shamsie “Strong Arms” Solomon Ortiz & Rene Rodriguez
Jaime Kenedeno - 11:40pm Oct 10, 2005 Central
Shamsie “Strong Arms” Solomon Ortiz & Rene Rodriguez
Democrats are not behind Shamsie! There is only certain clique of Democrats who want to “Strong Arm” Shamsie back into the Nueces Constitutional County Court! This “clique” (or group of “Cronies”) I will refer to as the “Shamsie Clique” or “Shamsie Cronies”. It is my understanding, Shamsie’s support stems from the Office of Congressman Solomon Ortiz and certain other witnesses to the “Capelo Deal”. Attorney Shamsie (along with George Finley {Nueces County Hospital District}) witnessed the transaction between Attorney & State Representative Jaime Capelo and Attorney Rene Rodriguez.. Capelo represented Citgo at the time and Rodriguez was in dispute with Corpus Christi Police Officers Association! (Laredo National Bank VP) Roland Guerra had to break the bad news to Capelo and then he was thrown to the dogs! Why was Shamsie never deposed? Why not Finley (deposed)? Tony “The Two Fer” was mad at Rodriguez and Capelo! What about Hugo Berlanga grooming Capelo for the JOB? I seem to remember some kind of criminal charges filed on Hugo Berlanga and his backroom politics! Now Capelo and Berlanga are both better off! They are both successful lobbyists in Austin! Then we go to the Medical Legislation! Who was it good for? Was “The Two Fer” Pro or Con with the proposition authored by Joe Nixon? The Doctor’s Malpractice insurance increased! Who made out on this deal?
Now back to the “Shamsie Cronies” it is rumored and warnings have been issued! The media is being “Strong Armed” financially! Elite and Power Brokers (Powercrats) within the Democratic Party are frowning on the media who promote any other option for the Democratic primary and certainly to support an independent will bring the wrath of both Parties! They are in essence saying, “we are going to use our Incumbent resources to discourage (SQUEEZE) clients from working with your business’ if you (the Media) speak negatively of Shamsie! Even if it is
Tejano2K - 02:50pm Oct 11, 2005 Central (#1 of 10)
As we know;There's always two sides to every story,hope somebody will tell it because anyone can write just about anything about anybody.Sould we be rooting for 'Shamsie'?
GRusling - 08:16am Oct 22, 2005 Central (#2 of 10) If voting could really change things, it would be illegal...
This is all political doubletalk. It appears meaningless because it is...
Jaime Kenedeno - 06:17pm Oct 22, 2005 Central (#3 of 10)
GR: "This is all political doubletalk. It appears meaningless because it is..."
Explain? Verify your statement Please?
GRusling - 10:49pm Oct 23, 2005 Central (#4 of 10) If voting could really change things, it would be illegal...
Politicians are all crooks, endit.
The "pot" is calling the "kettle" BLACK again!
All concerned are up to their eyeballs in gutter-slime...
Jaime Kenedeno - 11:52pm Oct 23, 2005 Central (#5 of 10)
GR: I agree with you. Do you have any suggestions for a Candidate with integrity for Nueces County Judge. Suggestions for a nomination?
GRusling - 06:40am Oct 24, 2005 Central (#6 of 10) If voting could really change things, it would be illegal...
I don't live in Nueces County, thankfully...
Jaime Kenedeno - 07:04am Oct 24, 2005 Central (#7 of 10)
Then Theoretically speaking. Who do you beleive to be the man or woman for the JOB?
GRusling - 08:30am Oct 26, 2005 Central (#8 of 10) If voting could really change things, it would be illegal...
I have no idea. Nueces County politics are a peripheral issue for me. I rarely comment except when it's "pure" politics with little or no substance...
John DeLaGarza - 07:06pm Nov 17, 2005 Central (#9 of 10)
I dont know much about the Democrat Party locally or otherwise or the Republican Party for that matter, but I definately do not like Shamsie. IMO there is definately something Shady about him.
There has got to be a better Democrat for the job than him, either way I'll vote against him whenever he is up for reelection.
John DeLaGarza - 09:22pm Dec 8, 2005 Central (#10 of 10)
Good news Shamsie isnt going to run for reelection.


Jaime Kenedeño said...

Darrell Keach, 33, Nueces County Record Star, General Manager

How long in current position and how long in newspapers: I’ve been actively involved in the business since 1994. I’ve grown up in the business and I’m fourth generation, starting with my great-grandfather who owned the Floresville Chronicle Journal and later bought The Record Star in 1926. Since then my grandfather Carroll Keach was publisher and my father Sam Fore Keach is the current publisher.

Why did you get into newspapering: I didn’t seem to have much choice I guess, being fourth generation.

What is your most rewarding part of the business: Helping a new or existing business and the community we serve succeed, while at the same time making our own business succeed.

What is the worst part of running a newspaper: Failing to succeed.

What are your goals for the future: Continue to grow our circulation and reach without sacrificing quality.


Jaime Kenedeño said...

Sam Keach, a Robstown historian whose family has owned the Record Star newspaper there since 1925, wrote a column in August describing chatter about fast-action, high-stakes poker around the clock in the 1940s at a dance hall/watering hole named Rob's Place in Robstown.

He was not able to document Texas Hold 'Em having its beginnings there, but the column conjured a response from Gigi Starnes, 63, born in Falfurrias, now living in San Antonio. Her father was an occasional gambler who owned Clancy's Cafe in Falfurrias, a popular restaurant with area gamblers.

Starnes' response to Keach's column: "I well remember whisperings of those high stakes card games. There was a gambler called Buttermilk (because that's all he would drink while playing) who once gave me a $10 bill, which he said he'd won playing Held 'em in Rob's. I must have been around 5 or 6, and remember wondering who Rob was, now I think it must have been Robstown."

Historical raids in Corpus Christi at places such as the famed Dragon Grill verify the existence of gambling for decades. Linn Keys (Doc) Mason, of Pennsylvania, arrived in Corpus Christi around 1926. Eight years later he opened the Dragon Grill on Corpus Christi Beach, according to Nueces County Historical Commission information.

It was a plush, swanky nightclub, a classic blending of art deco, excellent food, good music, dancing and gambling that thrived for years.

An early morning blaze destroyed the building on Jan. 15, 1944, according to Caller-Times archives. Within 18 months, a new Dragon Grill was opened at the Elks Club building, built in 1928 at the corner of Water and Starr streets.

Considerable money changed hands nightly in the third-floor Jaina Room. Entrance was achieved only by way of a special elevator. Blackjack, poker, dice games, slot machines and roulette were favorite games. A system of warning lights and buzzers were used if danger threatened from below.

In August 1953, however, one industrious policeman, Raymond Lamp'l, joined with FBI agents who had been dating women known to Mason, and all posed as customers. They watched as patrons threw down their chips, and when it was Lamp'l's turn he threw down his badge.

Charges of keeping and exhibiting a gaming table were brought against Mason and one of his employees. Though the grand jury returned a no-bill, that was the end of Mason's gambling career in Corpus Christi and the end of big-time gambling at the Dragon Grill.

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