Thursday, August 31, 2006

Now, at least it will be a vote of the constituents of HD #33.


(In response to the Governor calling a special election for House
District 33)

The day I filed to run for House District 33, I did it with the
intention of providing the constituents representation in their best
interest. It is within the Governor's authority to call for a
special election in this race and look at his decision as a benefit
rather than a hindrance for the constituents of the district. Just
as I have every intention of running a victorious campaign to seek
the office for the next full term, I now find myself putting no less
energy in accomplishing my goal of taking office before the end of
the year.

With the opportunity to take office nearly two months before the 80th
Legislative Session, I will have resources at my disposal to plan for
a successful first session. Additionally, I will have the advantage
of building seniority over so many new representatives likely to take
office in January. Legislation is not drafted over night and I plan
those two months to have the same advantage that all other incumbents
have on the first day of session.

I am proud to have received the endorsements of so many respected individuals and organizations throughout the State and the community. The support that is responsible for having placed me on the general election ballot, is also responsible for making my candidacy for the special election such a worthwhile cause. -End

Please respond?

JK: Let me see if I can discern?

Does this mean we can have two winners?

One for the special election and one for the general election?

Does the two loophole candidates have to pay another filing fee or submit petition to file for the special election?

This should have been done in the first place!

Next time somebody resigns, we need to force the governor to call for a special election and leave the chair massage out of the equation.

Posted by Jaime Kenedeño to Texas State Representative House District 33 at 8/31/2006 01:00:00 AM

dannoynted1 said...

is he (Danny) going to be on the ticket for just the next 2 months or is he eligible for the race decided by the precinct chairs?

JK: Does that mean Solly and Joe Mac have to pay two filing fees?

Now, at least it will be a vote of the constituents of HD #33.

So all of the chair massages and the loophole process was to teach us one thing.

The next time somebody resigns we call the Governor and remind him, "It is within Gov. Perry's authority to call a special election," and make it a point from now on.

Practice Due Diligence.

Finally, there is a way to out "Loophole" the "Loopholes"

Perry calls special election for Luna's seat

McComb, Ortiz to make their bids; Noyola undecided

By Israel Saenz and Jaime Powell Caller-Times
August 30, 2006

The Nov. 7 special election, which would fill the seat between the November vote and early January, could give one of the current nominees two-months' seniority over incoming freshmen legislators. Candidates must file for the special election by 5 p.m. Friday.

JK: Let me see if I can discern?

Does this mean we can have two winners?

One for the special election and one for the general election?

Does the two loophole candidates have to pay another filing fee or submit petition to file for the special election?

This should have been done in the first place!

Next time somebody resigns, we need to force the governor to call for a special election and leave the chair massage out of the equation.

"It is within Gov. Perry's authority to call a special election," he said. "We still plan on winning and we're going to work just as hard as before."

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Texas Monthly Gains Some Respect for Solly

Thursday, August 24, 2006
So Solly
The District 33 (Corpus Christi) blog is back in session. I was part of a small group who met today with Solomon Ortiz Jr., the Democratic nominee to replace Vilma Luna and the subject of much commentary from readers (see "Split Decision," below). He has scads of boyish charm and yet manages to come across as low-key and humble: a born politician. A couple of supporters, one a political consultant and the other Jaime Capelo, a former legislator from Corpus Christi, accompanied him. Among the subjects discussed:

* Why the battle for the nomination with educator Danny Noyola was so close. (Ortiz won the votes of 23 precinct chairs to 20 for Noyola to fill the vacancy created when Luna withdrew from the race): Because influential trial lawyer Mikal Watts used all his powers of persuasion in backing Noyola.

* Whether the disgruntled Noyola faction can split the Democrats in November and deliver votes to Joe McComb, the Republican candidate: Ortiz's friends said that the Noyola crowd has only "this much" support (thumb and forefinger held apart slightly).

* Whether McComb can raise enough money to win. No, said Ortiz's friends. They'll cut off his money from Austin.

* Whether the race will be close: No. Ortiz will get 60 percent of the vote, said one of the friends. Two hot local races, for county judge and for sherriff, will assure a large Democratic turnout.

I still think Ortiz has to watch his back side. Noyola remains a problem, and whether Ortiz can cut off McComb's Republican money is questionable. What I didn't know before today is that Ortiz is a formidable candidate with a lot of political skill. He is the favorite to win--but I also felt that way yesterday.

Now, can we talk about something else?

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

WATT is a Progressive? In Re: Solomon Ortiz Jr is a progressive @ DU by Meg

Can You Please Define "Progressive"?

I don't think the Progressive label is applicable just because he uses the airwaves of a Trojan Horse.

Solly is a Democrat and that is it. He has convergent, divergent and alligning ideologies with his father and with many other elected officials. Dont try and undermine Solly with the "progressive" label.

John Kelly wants to take credit for the precinct chairs giving Solly the nod, but everybody knows WATT swung the balance to him. In combination with Solli's attributes and network, it was the written word that reached the precinct chairs. It was the written word that allowed them to become informed and make up their own minds. And it was the written word that provided the security and comfort zone to vote the way they felt was appropriate.

Progressive my a$$.

Solli is a Democrat for positive change. He is much smarter and much more independent than to allow an undermining agenda to gain control.

Anyway, we will not stand by idle and allow it either.

Once elected Solly must remain responsive to his constituents. We will make sure of it.

John, it aint gonna happen and all you are doing is trying to gain notoriety and support for an idealogy many an American Soldier gave his life eradicating. Dont come to South Texas and try to build a party by capitalizing on the division of our Democratic Party. There is a word for Northerners such as this; we call them YANQUIS.

Go back where you came from or better yet become a resident of Cuba or some other commie / socialist country.

Solomon P Ortiz is a Democrat for Positive Change.

Texas Monthly: BurkaBlog: Split Decision

Texas Monthly: BurkaBlog: GOD Intervened

Solomon P. Ortiz Jr. Defeats Mikal Watts at his Own Game. Or Perhaps GOD intervened.

“When Corpus Christi state representative Vilma Luna decided to give up her legislative seat in July to take a lobbying job in Austin with Hillco Partners, the Democratic party had every reason to believe that the seat would remain in the party's column.”

Let’s look a little further into this assertion.

Why did Vilma Luna step down?

One answer and the one on the surface would be as stated, “to take a lobbying job in Austin with Hillco Partners”. Vilma cited more family time as her primary reason. It goes much deeper than that Mr. Burka; remember Vilma Luna is their hero. It is not difficult to understand that the Utility of Vilma Luna was wearing thin like the Firestone tires that made Mikal and his Crew rich. He could have eventually got her into something she will be blamed for. As it is common knowledge in South Texas; Mikal Watts is about reversing the “Capelo” legislation. There were two tort reform bills, one originated by doctors (and endorsed by TLR) that capped non-economic damages in medical malpractice cases at $250,000 and another containing an assortment of protections for businesses, supported by TLR.

“The Republicans had not fielded a candidate against her in the general election, nor did they challenge her in 2004. Luna's last contested race had come in 2002, when she defeated Republican Lauro Cuellar with 66 percent of the vote.”

WATT kind of Republican Party is this? They would not attempt to challenge the issues and compete? To field and financially support a Republican opponent; is it in the Republican Leader’s eyes, to throw money into a losing cause? Why not field a candidate to represent the Republican side of the issues. No Cajones! That is the attitude of a loser and a prime example of the afraid to lose mentality. Why would HD #33 want such a mentality to step in and represent us in Austin?

“But Luna chose to resign her seat rather than to say that she was moving out of the district, and that decision could have far-reaching implications. Had she given as her reason for leaving that she was moving to Austin and would no longer be eligible to serve, the Democratic precinct chairs in the district could have chosen a replacement for her. But the Republicans, having fielded no candidate for the seat in the primary, would have been barred from naming a candidate. Luna's resignation allowed the Republicans to get back in the game and name a challenger.”

It was not Vilma’s reason for resigning that allowed the Republican to loophole a candidate; it was that she resigned after the final filing date and the timing allowed both the Democrats and the Republicans to loophole a candidate. It also prevented the voters from voting for the Democratic & Republican candidates to run in November. Solomon Ortiz Jr. defeated Mr. Noyola in a popular vote for the Nueces County Democratic Chairman in 2002. However, the resignation of Vilma Luna was planned from before the final date to file. This assertion is based on certain court dockets, the targeting and positioning of crucial operatives and pawns so as to gain the leverage to retain a puppet in replacing Luna. Then one opponent (the WATTS supported Candidate) had the inside track and was very informed before Vilma announced her resignation. This is in reference Danny Noyola announcement and committing of precinct chairs.

Normally, this would not have mattered; the Democratic nominee would have been a heavy favorite.”

HD #33 is predominantly a Democratic District. Solly’s Republican opponent is a likeable guy, but WATT have the Republican’s ever done for the average citizen? WATT has Solomon P Ortiz Jr.’s Republican opponent; even with his resume of bolster, accomplished for the Average Citizen? Anyway, we enjoy the underdog label;….. continue on.

But the process of choosing between controversial candidates from two politically active families split the party.

Sellouts split the party.

WATT did they sell their soul & beliefs for?



A title?

The Democratic Party might have some disgruntled leaders but the people are still “Loyal Democrats” when it comes to redistricting and Craddick. The Solomon Ortiz Jr. Campaign defeated Mr WATTS. The Molina bitterness resounds hollow at best.

The winner, selected on August 13, was Solomon Ortiz Jr., 29, whose resume consists mainly of being the son of congressman Solomon Ortiz and a stormy term as Nueces County Democratic chairman.

You know, initially I thought the same thing about Solly, like he was a spoiled brat or silver spoon in his mouth when he was born. Not even close to the man I know and have scrutinized. Solomon’s work ethic is one of the attributes one recognizes from the get go. He is a hard worker. He has been in training to be a public servant all of his life. The Politicos of South Texas have all interacted with Solomon and “have watched him grow up before their eyes”. Solomon’s ideology is not from one Congressman who he calls Dad but from many who have instilled a well-rounded and independent character willing to butt heads and defend when called for. Solomon P Ortiz Jr. (at 29 years young) possesses a proven and established network that will readily respond to him in Austin. This is something he has in Austin that takes years of seniority to develop. This experience is esoteric in nature but is the key ingredient when it comes to the Lege in Austin.

”Meanwhile, the Republican chairs nominated a quality candidate in Joe McComb, the owner of a local moving company, who served for eight years on the city council and another eight years as county commissioner, sandwiched around a losing a race for county judge (a race in which some supporters criticized him for not running an aggressive campaign). He has one of those resumes that goes on forever, including a public policy experience in water and workforce issues, as well as appointments to the State of Texas Community Development Program (by Bush) and the Comptroller's Committee to Oversee Funds of the Texas Tobacco Settlement Permanent Trust Account (by Strayhorn).

All of that stuff sounds very impressive when one says it fast, but WATT has he done for the Average Citizen. Sounds kind of like “all dressed up and nowhere to go”?

Give that man a title!

Mc Comb's chance to do the same (win the election) depends upon whether young Ortiz can make peace with and win the support of the bitterly disappointed Noyola forces.

This will not happen. Solomon does not need the small contribution to win. Solomon envisions and works toward the goal of returning unification and solidarity to the Nueces Democratic Party.

“Right now it doesn't look good for Ortiz. An article on the KRIS-TV Web site quoted Noyola as saying in the immediate aftermath of his defeat, "It's disappointing because there was so much hate coming from the Ortiz camp. It influenced some of our precinct chairs, some of them believed some of that hate. Quite honestly they're the scum of the earth, when they just maliciously, fictitiously, when they just come up with things like that I'm beating up on someone, it's so sad that those people revert to hate, and they're all friends of the Solomon camp."

There were Noyola Haters who just hated the Noyolas. Solomon supporters were not the hater element. Also, one must realize both sides catered to the precinct chairs to win their vote. The methodology is night and day. Those are words of a sore loser.

At stake is not just the Republican-Democrat balance in the House (currently 86R, 64D) but also the level of support for Speaker Tom Craddick. Luna was an avid Craddick supporter. The coalition of most House Democrats and a handful of Republicans, all of whom dream of unseating him, were counting on Luna's replacement to join the “Anybody but Craddick” ranks. Now that outcome is by no

Redistricting is one reason the Democrats will stick together and vote for Solomon. But the main reason we will stick together and vote for Solomon P. Ortiz Jr. in November is because everybody in South Texas loathes Craddick and Solly’s opponent will definitely join the “Craddick Ranks” and become an a avid Craddick supporter.

Monday, August 14, 2006

The CC Examiner did not treat both candidates equally and did not ask both to verify their endorsements?

In response to Donn Cudd

From: kingalonzoalvarezdepineda13
Date: Mon Aug 14, 2006 11:29 pm
Subject: Re: No Response from Ortiz

Don: "First, I wish you would tell us who you are."

I am Jaime Kenedeno of South Texas. A simple Google search will inform
you more of WHO I Am.

JK: My credibility is well established in my writing.

"Are you saying that a politician's
> integrity becomes magically unquestionable the moment he wins an

JK: I am saying, obviously the endorsements were Bona-Fide. The main issue
IMO is that you did not treat the candidates objectively. You
questioned only one of the candidates about their endorsements. Danny
has bolstered his precinct chair endorsements from the get go.

" Yes, I would say some endorsements still are in question -- as is
the overall tactic Ortiz used to attack Noyola's credentials as an

JK: How can the endorsements remain in question? 23 Precinct Chairs stood
up and chose Solomon Ortiz Jr. as the Democratic Nominee for HD #33.
Tactic? The credentials of Noyola and the CCISD / Miller fiasco was
ongoing way before Vilma Luna resigned and Danny was informed before
the press conference. Also, one cannot attribute the attacks on Danny
as on behalf of Solly. Clearly there were Solomon Ortiz supporters and
Noyola haters; the tactics you speak of came from the Noyola Haters.

"> I say this because Ortiz never responded to my additional emails or
my phone
> calls."

JK: Your approach was disrespectful and bullying in nature. Some people
dont respond to threats or unobjective journalism. Also, why did you
not treat both candidates equally and ask them both to verify their
endorsements? And dont argue Danny had not announced his precinct
chair endorsements yet. Danny touted the endorsements long before
Solly ever had recieved even one.

"But, to raise the question as you do ignores an important points: At the
> time I wrote the letter to which you're responding, Noyola had not yet
> announced any endorsements."

JK: That statement is uninformed, totally incorrect and false.

Don: "> When Ortiz did not respond to my requests, and not having resources to
> follow this issue as an investigative reporter should, (in
otherwords, I had
> a day job, to which I had to give priority), I decided to simply let the
> whole thing slide on about Wednesday -- a day or so before Noyola
> with his own endorsements. (I did this, especially, considering
that no one
> on this list seemed overly interested in the controversy. That's
mostly why
> I did not follow up with either Noyola OR Ortiz.)"

JK: On Wednesday is when Danny Jr and Solly both emailed endorsements but
Danny's Precinct Chair endorsements had already be handed out in
Hardcopy the previous Sunday and for some reason Danny did not email
the digital version? However, the written endorsements were being
touted at least a week before I recieved the Hardcopy.

Political Pulse: Thank you for your support!

Political Pulse: Kenedeno’s Political Pulse

Kenedeno’s Political Pulse

Monday, July 31, 2006

Local “Loophole Candidates” and Local “Loophole “Yanqui” Power Broker
held Chair Massage Seminars this week.

Local “Loophole Candidates” Solomon Ortiz Jr. and Danny Noyola Sr.
have been courting the HD #33 Precinct Chairs in an attempt to
solidify a majority vote of 44 precinct chairs who will be voting on
????????. Local “Loophole Yanqui Extraordinaire” / Power Broker Mikal
Watts, recently held his own Chair Massage (Whataburger Field) as well.

Capelo Still In The Craw Of the Trial Lawyers

Texas State House District #33 Precinct Chairs are currently very
popular since the July 4th Fireworks of the resignation of Incumbent
HD #33 Representative Vilma Luna. In all appearances of spontaneity
and quality family time explanations it really turned out to be an
accurately tossed piece of tough meat into a pack of ravenous who
currently rank lower on the food chain. This was not a woman changing
her mind but a coach pulling one of his players after exhausting
herself completely on the field of play. I commend her and I wish her
the best. Thank you for everything Vilma. You did your JOB and IMO you
walked the line with a trueness and loyalty. One must realize Mr.
Watts does not like to lose and with respect to the Capelo legislation
he is still fighting. This is the one thing that has made Mikal’s goal
to be the next Hayden Head. Patron WATTS is not a justiciable title
but then again he has a long way to go towards the Hayden Head Award.
So WATT is it about him that screws the little people? Well, here is
one example where our Primary Vote is USURPED. Another scenario to
conceptualize, would be the Judicial arrogance resulting in a denial
of justice for the rest of us; as attorneys who did not get their way
in another case and the knowledge of the technical maneuvers rendered
due to the innate feeling of invincibility our Judges develop due to
the effectual relief they provide for Mikal as a “Corporate Predator”.
Well that’s enough of that.

Local Politicos Rock & Roll on the Corpus Christi Bay

Solly held his event on the Captain Clark Flagship. Chili was
served, Tejano music, an extended cruise around the Corpus Christi Bay
and of course free beer. There was a very festive attitude and quite a
turnout. I spoke with Solly for the first time. He was a very good
host. We didn’t talk that much about the nomination except that he is
truly interested and he still believes he can get the votes. It was
kind of rough water and a couple of big tough men developed a mild
case of seasickness. That stuff will make one kiss mother earth upon
return. Who was there? Many I knew but many more I did not know the
faces but knew their names. It is kind of nice to put a name with a
face. I seen a few Precinct Chairs mainly Susie Luna, Nancy Vera,
Rowland Andrade and other Politicos such as René Rodriguez, Rene Saenz
and his wife Stephanie, John Kelly, Joe Benavides, Oscar Ortiz (Nueces
County Commissioner) and many children running around having a
wonderful time.

“that chair is already taken”

by Dannoynted1

We almost decided against going to the LULAC Barbeque for Danny
Noyola senior today but I am glad we did the food was delicious!

Especially the pinto beans, I have to get that recipe.

For those of you who missed it, you missed out on a tasty meal,
but there was no place to sit as I looked around there was a half a
table empty so I went over there to see if I could sit down and the
women said yes.

Well, I ate alone while Jaime talked with Danny and his wife Alma.
There were pictures along the wall of previous/current LULAC
presidents and/or members but I definitely recognized DR. Hector P.
Garcia as one of them.

After I scooted over the beer cans to put my plate down, several
men arrived and they just stared at me. When my husband whistled and I
showed him where I was. He came and sat next to me when the man on my
left then told US rudely “that chair is already taken”.

Well, rather than start crap, we got up and left the table. We
went and hung out in the front entry by the kitchen where Jesse
Olivarez (no relation to Larry) was cutting the brisket. I went to get
my husband and his brother a plate of food. His girlfriend was working
at the hospital and wanted a plate but Danny’s sister and another
woman refused to give me another plate. I told my husband and his
brother when Mr. Jesse Olivarez (who was right there cutting brisket)
told one of the little girls who were helping him to bring a plate.

Thank you Jesse!

I saw a few of the regulars on the political front Joe Benavides,
Brian Miller, Coretta Graham, and Nancy Vera and as we were leaving,
we shook hands with DMC Board of Regents Member Gabriel Rivas.

Got some documentation highlighting some precinct chairs
statements of their commitment to Danny Noyola. I counted 11 plus Alma
Noyola for a total of 12.

Danny Jr. spoke he said, “they already have more than the 22 they
need; but they were not all accounted for on the blue handout.

Some serious Partying goin down at the LULAC #1

Danny Noyola held his event at the LULAC #1. Barbeque was served
with rice beans and potato salad and of course free beer. It was
delicious. The beans were delectable. Danny and his wife Alma treated
us with all of the dignity and respect of royalty. During Danny’s
speech is when I decided to get a plate and sit down (while all eyes
were glued on Danny). At least that is what I thought till I sat down
in a vacant row of chairs next to my wife. Some older man, well let’s
just say he didn’t like me sitting next to my wife. Out of respect for
Danny & Alma and the privilege; I made myself defer. The only thing I
did not do, that I wished I had done; was get that guys name. I chalk
it up to old school Molina. It is not a big deal and in no way does it
affect my respect for Danny or Alma. I believe both Democrats (Danny
Noyola & Solomon Ortiz Jr.) are very capable and electable as HD #33
is a Democratic District. The Noyola Event was definitely a serious
event and to most of them I am an outsider. I am troubled by the
loophole method that the November Candidate will be chosen. After
meeting them both I will vote for one of them in November. Good luck
to both and should you prevail, we will expect full responsiveness to
us the constituency of HD #33. When we call, we want to speak with our
Representative or at least return the call. You know? Like it is right

Chair Massage cost Mikal much more than “TWO FER A NICKEL”

And Mikal’s bash?

Well, we wouldn’t know; since it was such an elite Chair Massage.

Only the best Massages for our HD #33 Precinct Chairs.

Right Mikal?

JK: Why would a Democratic Precinct Chair reveal anything to a Republican
unless he posed as a Democrat? And dont even play dumb.

Don: "Additionally, what's wrong, in a Democracy, with Republicans voting in
> Democratic primaries and vice versa? A vote's a vote, right?"

Wrong! For a person to vote in the primary he or she must swear they
are Republican if they are voting in the Republican Primary and vice
versa. So for a Republican to swear he is a Democrat so as to vote in
the Democratic Primary is in bad faith and approaches criminality with
respect to election codes. But in a simpleton's terms by advocating
for this you once again show your true nature to prevaricate.

Influence of Precinct Chairs? Threats?

ORPUS CHRISTI - The Nueces County Democratic Party has picked a nominee to run for the District 33 State Representative seat. Solomon Ortiz, Jr. will represent the Democratic Party on the November ballot.

View district map (.PDF)

Ortiz beat out Danny Noyola, Sr. in a 23-20 vote Sunday, during a meeting with the Nueces County Democratic precinct chairs. It was an emotional day for both candidates.

Solomon Ortiz, Jr. could not have been happier with the result. Precinct chairs chose him over Danny Noyola to represent the Democratic Party in the District 33 State Representative race.

"It's just an emotional time, just to know that the majority of the precinct chairs have the confidence in me to represent them, and to represent he party, and to win in November," he said.

His opponent, Danny Noyola was also emotional. He said, "It's disappointing because there was so much hate coming from the Ortiz camp. It in influenced some of our precinct chairs, some of them believed some of that hate."

Noyola believes he was the target of a political attack, when he was accused of hitting a man during a live radio interview a few weeks ago.

"Quite honestly they're the scum of the earth, when they just maliciously, fictitiously, when they just come up with things like that I'm beating up on someone, it's so sad that those people revert to hate, and they're all friends of the Solomon camp," Noyola said.

But Ortiz disagrees. He said, "I ran a clean campaign." He feels he got the nomination, because he's the right man for the job, and looks forward to the November election.

"We worked very hard, until the last minute and I'm just completely honored and look forward to working hard for the people of District 33 and I'll be on the campaign trail, and I'll see everybody out soon block walking and campaigning."

Nueces County Republicans will conduct the same process Tuesday. Their candidates are Joe McComb and Raul Torres.

Online Reporter: Roxanne Carrillo

Friday, August 11, 2006

Get to the issues and stop the ugliness

Dear ???????????,

In response to your initial return email on ?????????,, I apologize for bringing this information out at this time and I understand the Assistant Principal is still employed with CCISD. The issue presented is one of high priority with regard to the manipulation of JOB opportunities per Hvalinka v Schubert and the clandestine operations of hierarchy and privilege within CCISD Aristocrat Society Schmoozers “and the like”. Unfortunately, her employment with CCISD and her questionable criminal background renders your request one in which I must deny. However, I will make every effort to address the CCISD Power Structure and the position of Assistant Principal. Public Policy demands these unusual circumstances be placed on the agenda for open discussion. This is about being fair to the students and the teachers who directly interact with lower level administrators. This Assistant Principal in question appears to schmooze at high levels within the CCISD hierarchy. The hiring and continued employment of this assistant principal by CCISD is a blinking red flag. CCISD hired a FELON as an Assistant Principal. This is an un-excusable violation for CCISD. There is more to this story. Court Records demonstrate a pattern and a series of re-occurring events, possibly criminal in nature.


The choice must be based on a number of qualifiers.

I believe there is a better choice at this time. The information (email correspondence) IMO substantially redeems Mr. Noyola regarding his direct involvement in the manipulation, skewing or tampering of grades & attendance at Miller High School. CCISD brought in a tandem specialty for performance appearances. The numbers needed to be classified so that CCISD / Miller High School could not lose money for the absent and the low grades. The CCISD structure encourages liberal use of certain labels and titles; CCISD uses the Special Education umbrella for the School / District’s benefit. In the TAKS test, certain exclusions of select students allow these students to take another test that has no effect on the overall score of the school. CCISD brought the Tandem in (like Troutman brings in Rambo) to complete a mission. However, should the mission fail; CCISD will avow no knowledge. Through the path of redemption, a just path; a significant error in judgment, submitted as an “insincere hug”; demonstrated a most concerning flaw that cannot be discounted. Regardless of the actions on the part of Roland Garza; this displaced frustration displayed an Achilles heel, a lack of composure and exhibited prudence far below par for the course with respect to the diplomacy mandated for the JOB in Austin. Frustration has blurred one’s judgment on all sides of this issue.

As a Statesman, representing HD #33 one requirement for the position must be accountability to the District he represents. In this category, accountability will be enforced, as it is an integral product of Open Government. We will be watching.

Passion blurs the mind when there is too much of it. My Father always told me, “Never let em see you sweat boy”, so that’s how I went to batter’s box (with two strikes). I struck out a whole lot of times in practice. Game time is where you never let em see you sweat and hardly ever did I get the third strike and when I did I knew not to sweat it, there would be another chance. So like a well-poised Quarterback after a sack that gets up and walks back to the huddle (like nothing ever happened) with confidence in tact; so must be our next choice for HD #33 State Representative. We have had a couple of physical scuffles in our US House of Reps and / or Congress; but this is not the way things are accomplished. Physical posturing is unproductive in our Lege.

Danny allowed himself to be drawn into a trap. Never blame the umpire; even when he needs new glasses, LOL. IMO, Roland was confronting CCISD with the facts and he was armed with evidence that focuses on the allegations. Mr. Noyola was used and undermined by CCISD and the relationship with felonious assistant principal whose expertise / “specialty discipline” historically resides in the manipulation of statistical numbers and categories or in a more cogent definition; an applicable term would be Tampering with a Government Document with intent to defraud and harm. Our new State Representative of HD #33 must “Never let em see him sweat” and always remain composed.

Also, we need our next HD #33 State Representative to talk to us. Both Candidates need to speak to the people. I have spoken with both men; both possess very likeable personas. WATT I am talking about is ironic. Danny wanted to be heard on the air with Roland Garza yet, when the Local Stations wanted to hear his side and he has the opportunity to get a message out; he refrains. We wanted to here from YOU Danny Sr. Solly, well we haven’t heard much from him either. Is that how it is expected to be when one of these guys get the JOB in Austin? Show us some skills? Now or later? Do you support Open Government? How will you go about legislating Open Government?

Get to the issues and stop the ugliness.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Like Vicente, we hear all sides of the local talk radio

In response to

Don't pollute your brain with right-wing garbage! Listen to "The Populist Uprising" with John Kelley in the morning, and "Moctemoc's Door" with Vicente Carranza in the afternoon, at KCCT 1150 AM.

Like Vicente, we hear all sides of the local talk radio when we are able but they learn a lot by listening to us right here in our little rooms. Every Tuesday Morning (on El Defenzor Live) we meet both wings; it just depends on which Tuesday Morning, as to whether it is the right or the left wing. It is like a check and balance system. If one can sort through the convergent posturing, the truth reveals itself. That John Gsanger is quite a Bright Guy. Intellectually stimulating political observations and very astute approach and departure from the HD #33 issues.

WATT are the issues to be addressed?



Del Mar College?



Law School?

Medical School?


One Candidate has already given his word that "he supports" Open Government Legislation.

It has been difficult engaging the other Candidate; which is kind of ironic after was not speaking on the air the motivating factor for the "live on the air" discussion and "insincere" HUG?

John Kelley, maybe you oughta cancel JUAN of the guest tomorrow; else he might get dragged into it, like Gsanger did today. Why dont you present the perfect example of non confrontation and ask him if he beleives the actions were appropriate? Ask him WATT he is gonna do about the Hector P Garcia Building and Del Mar College. Cause at DMC everybody loves his opponent.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

"That Just the Way It Is. I Gotta Get Paid"

I must say the tactics being carried out right now are transferring from a division between majority & minority groups to a division of within the minority groups. This concept is how CCISD manipulates. Think about it? Investigations, Colloquial Intelligence, Manipulation of one’s JOB opportunities, personal & political missions and nanotechnology to forecast, design and carry out plans ranging from 0 to at least a good 20 years. WIA slush fund is all about the final data in each category. There are many exemptive solutions & creative methods that are encouraged. The WIA allows the creation of multiple programs and agencies to create JOBS or JOB training. WIA is the DARE program, COPS program, Communities in Schools, and anything they can draw up a quick blueprint of. Innovation and Malleability produce stellar new programs from dedicated grant writers given the concepts and goals of a brainstorm. This is a brilliant concept for our youth. The problem is the adults take candy from the babies. CCISD is way to big for their britches. A board much too elevated to consider input from the community. Such audacity to condescend to engagement of the community they fleece in the justification “they know WATT is best for us”. Furthermore, contrary to their schmoozing persona-ism they do not know it all “we wouldn’t understand the process so why do we need to know how they conduct the business of running our school district?”. We would never understand anyway? The concern is to make the numbers JIVE with each other and the terminology is dynamic so are the variables applicable for each method of calculation.

“I guess it just depends on WATT your definition of is………..


One educator alerted to the name Denise Hutchinson as “ a teacher who taught with him at Crockett” He said, “she got into some kind of trouble involving government documents”. The Educator continued, “She came out in the Caller Times… in the newspaper, they wrote some articles about her and right after that she left”. I asked where did she go? He said, “I don’t know, we never seen her again”

Does CCISD have such a demand for this type of specialization in creative administrating?

Did Dr. Hutchinson ever teach at Crockett Elementary?

If she did, this is one example of a “questionable background”.

West Oso

Hutchinson's "1990, 1993 and 2000 employment application with West Oso Independent School District regarding deliberate falsifications, misrepresentations or omissions of fact."
"Expenditure of district funds, including but not limited to grant monies, fund-raising and campus activity account."
And "deliberate falsifications, misrepresentations or omissions of fact on district grant applications and district correspondence relating to the same." Bonilla said he believes the suspension and investigation are the result of Salazar's personal animosity toward Hutchinson

“Questionable background”??

Another example.

In September the board voted to grant a grievance filed by Hutchinson against the district that stated she was suspended unfairly and allowed her to return to work. Hutchinson was assigned to West Oso Elementary as assistant principal in October but her lawyer, Daniel Ortiz said the assignment is not what his client requested in her original grievance. "The board granted her grievance unconditionally," Ortiz said. "But the superintendent refused to reinstate her to her former position. Instead she demoted her."

“Questionable background”

Why did the Caller consider her “Superintendent material”?

Denise Hutchinson
Age: 47
Current position: Assistant Principal, Miller High School
Background: Hutchinson has been in education for 20 years, 13 of those in administration. She is from Corpus Christi originally and spent a majority of her career in the West Oso ISD, where she also filled in as assistant superintendent. She has been with CCISD for a year.
If the Search Committee asked you to apply, would you consider it?
"Yes, I would consider it."

Would CCISD hire her without doing a thorough background check?

Where was Scott Eliff while Denise “did her thing”?

That’s it; just wind her up and let her go?

For CCISD, Tupac cogently defines the MO

You gotta operate the easy way
"I made a G today" But you made it in a sleazy way
sellin' crack to the kid. " I gotta get paid,"
Well hey, well that's the way it is

Is that the way it is?

Is that the process?

CCISD has gotta get paid.

Precinct Chairs who "can’t wait to vote for Danny Noyola"

“Danny Noyola has been involved with all aspects of our city and county for years; therefore, he has the experience that is necessary to protect and serve District 33. I wholeheartedly support the nomination of Danny Noyola for State Representative.”
Joan Veith, Democratic Precinct Chair, Pct. 70

“Danny Noyola has been a vocal supporter of Democratic Party issues for over 30 years. His loyalty to Democratic causes has been steadfast and without reservation. I can’t wait to vote for Danny Noyola.”
Susan Pizana, Democratic Precinct Chair, Pct. 94

“Danny Noyola has been in the trenches with local Democrats for years. He knows education issues, labor issues and our community from the inside out and he is well prepared to represent us in Austin.”
Alex Nieto, Democratic Precinct Chair, Pct. 4

“Danny Noyola is a man of his word and he has the experience to fill Vilma Luna’s shoes in the Legislature. That is the reason I am supporting Danny Noyola.”
Gus Munoz, Democratic Precinct Chair, Pct. 83

“Rarely does a voter get the chance to support a candidate with as much knowledge and dedication to public service as Danny Noyola. Democrats should be proud to put Danny Noyola on the ballot. I know that I am.”
Gloria Lozano, Democratic Precinct Chair, Pct. 98

“The three important reasons that I am supporting Danny Noyola for State Representative - Education, Education and Education!”
Martha Gutierrez, Democratic Precinct Chair, Pct. 68, Teacher

“Danny Noyola is a true Democrat - a man of the people who has lived and worked in our community his entire life. He has earned my support by demonstrating a commitment, year in and year out, to make Corpus Christi a better place.”
Lisa Ann Torres, Democratic Precinct Chair, Pct. 73

“Husband, father, teacher, coach, principal, superintendent, community activist and long time, loyal Democrat. How can you ask for a better nominee for State Representative than Danny Noyola?”
Mary Rivera, Democratic Precinct Chair, Pct. 8

“Danny Noyola is a man we can all be proud of. His experience is unmatched and he represents the best that our community has to offer. Without a doubt, Danny Noyola is the right person for the job.”
Connie Gutierrez, Democratic Precinct Chair, Pct. 93

“After years of disenfranchisement, Danny Noyola proposed the City Charter Revision Amendment that ultimately restored the rights of City Employees to participate in Municipal Elections. Average workers and their families could have no better friend in the Legislature than Danny Noyola.”
Maria M. Gonzalez, Democratic Precinct Chair, Pct. 17

"I have known Danny Noyola for many years as student, teacher, and administrator. I think Danny will represent the district superbly; especially in education matters because it is the Number one issue in the state legislature. Danny has been successfully involved in many community affairs throughout his life. Therefore, I am supporting Danny Noyola to be the Democratic nominee for State Representative District 33."

Ken Hawkins, Democratic Precinct Chair, Pct. 124

One Chair and a bunch of people who like myself; have been USURPED

“Solomon can hit the ground running when he gets to Austin. He knows many of the current State Representatives and most importantly, he’s taught at CCISD and knows firsthand what needs to be improved with education.”
Betty Jean Longoria – Nueces County Commissioner and former Tuloso-midway School board member

“As a community activist and elected official, I know what it takes to bring diverse groups of people to the table in order to get things done. Solomon Ortiz, Jr. is a consensus builder. He will get things done to improve education in Texas"
Olga Gonzales – Del Mar College Board of Regents

“Developing young people into leaders has been my life’s commitment for over 30 years. We need Solomon Ortiz, Jr. to represent us in Austin, because as a former teacher, he knows the needs of educators and students.”
Carlos Rodriguez – Current Cunningham Middle School Coach and Teacher

"I want a Representative who not only knows the needs of our students, but also opens his door to them. I know Solomon Ortiz, Jr. will always be accessible to our students and educators in order to voice concerns at our State's Capitol."
Claricia Mohler - Current Moody H.S. Assistant Principal

Here are just a few of the many individuals already supporting Solomon Ortiz Jr.

Roland Barrera - Chairman, RTA
Ruben Bonilla - Chairman, Port of Corpus Christi
Lucy Rubio - Community Leader
Ronnie Canales – Nueces County Tax Assessor Collector
Rudy Caceres – Constable Pct. 1
John Kelley – Air America Radio Host, former teacher and AFT representative
Susie Camacho – Miller H.S. Parent
Raul & Alicia Lopez-Guerra, M.D.s – Local Physicians
Nancy Vera – Miller H.S. teacher
Emilio Sanchez – Former community Boxing Coach
Dr. Victor Frazier – Minister and former CCISD Principal
Carolyn Keith – Retired school counselor, CCISD
Jane Wall – Current teacher and former Miller H.S. journalism instructor
Susie Luna Saldana – Precinct Chair #72 and Teacher Representative
Faye Anderson - Former 2 term SDEC member




------2000 CENSUS------ ------1990 CENSUS----


PORTION AGE 3-5 IN PRESCHOOL 2,770 43.2% 40.3% 2,335 32.3% 35.8%
IN ELEMENTARY OR HIGH SCHOOL 30,632 22.6% 21.9% 30,281 23.2% 20.4%
PORTION OF THESE IN PUBLIC SCHOOL 28,800 94.0% 93.1% 28,397 93.8% 94.5%
IN COLLEGE 8,873 6.5% 6.0% 10,227 7.8% 7.4%

BACHELOR'S DEGREE OR HIGHER (Age 25+) 14,244 16.5% 23.2% 13,350 16.5% 20.3%
DID NOT GRADUATE HIGH SCHOOL (Age 25+) 20,071 23.3% 24.3% 21,498 26.5% 27.9%
HIGH SCHOOL DROPOUTS (Age 16-19) 1,049 11.8% 12.5% 1,039 11.7% 12.9%


IN ARMED FORCES 1,019 1.0% 0.7% 870 0.9% 1.0%
IN CIVILIAN LABOR FORCE 67,034 63.1% 62.9% 67,171 67.7% 64.9%
NOT IN LABOR FORCE 38,262 36.0% 36.4% 31,162 31.4% 34.0%

TOTAL EMPLOYED 62,676 93.5% 93.9% 61,820 92.0% 92.9%
ANGLO EMPLOYED 45,200 94.2% 95.0% 48,054 92.9% 94.2%
BLACK EMPLOYED 2,442 88.0% 89.5% 2,010 85.8% 86.6%
HISPANIC EMPLOYED 35,049 92.5% 91.3% 30,901 90.5% 89.1%
TOTAL UNEMPLOYED 4,358 6.5% 6.1% 5,351 8.0% 7.1%
ANGLO UNEMPLOYED 2,771 5.8% 5.0% 3,684 7.1% 5.8%
BLACK UNEMPLOYED 334 12.0% 10.5% 333 14.2% 13.4%
HISPANIC UNEMPLOYED 2,831 7.5% 8.7% 3,240 9.5% 10.9%

PRIVATE SECTOR 46,531 74.2% 78.0% 45,311 73.3% 76.7%
GOVERNMENT SECTOR 12,013 19.2% 14.6% 12,573 20.3% 15.2%
SELF-EMPLOYED 3,976 6.3% 7.1% 3,700 6.0% 7.6%

WORKED IN 1999 (2000 CENSUS)
OR 1989 (1990 CENSUS)
WORKED AT ALL 73,737 69.4% 69.7% 70,113 70.7% 70.4%
WORKED 50-52 WEEKS 47,929 45.1% 45.3% 43,574 43.9% 43.1%


Friday, August 04, 2006

Was it a Hug or an assault?

WATT happened?

Was it a Hug or an assault?

Roland Garza who has been addressing the issues at Miller High School says Danny Noyola Assaulted him on his live mike show. Garza said the Community is his witness.

Danny Jr. vehemiently defends his father and call Roland Garza a flat out liar.

1440 KEYS is doing the show on it right now.

Let us see WATT happens.

WATT exactly are the Facts?

8:40 AM

Jaime Kenedeño said...

Jr says it is a false police report

it is criminal

Says Roland Garza is a Liar and is libelous

Cannot believe Garza would play politics like this.

Jr says Noyola was offered a central office position in response to the demotion.

They want Noyola on the show.

Now Willie Vaden calling in.

Solomon Ortiz Jr. Picks up Key Endorsements for Democratic Party’s Nomination for State Rep., District 33

Solomon Ortiz Jr. Picks up Key Endorsements for Democratic Party’s Nomination for State Rep., District 33

CORPUS CHRISTI -- With the race for District 33 heating up, Solomon Ortiz, Jr. is making progress for the Democratic Nomination. Today, one of the 3 candidates for the Democratic Primary, Roland Barrera, endorsed Ortiz, saying Ortiz is a progressive and stronger candidate for the Party in the General Election in November.

Ortiz Jr. is honored to have the support of several local leaders and the commitments of several precinct chairs. “I am truly privileged to have the support of Chairman Bonilla, Lucy Rubio and Rachael Gonzales. They represent a great cross-section of Corpus Christi and the broad range of support my campaign has generated.” Ortiz said.

“Economic development is vital for the future of Corpus Christi. Solomon has a good working relationship with present legislators in Austin and can use these and other established relationships to help bring economic prosperity to our community.”
-- Ruben Bonilla - Chairman Port of Corpus Christi

"All of us know that education is the best way out of poverty. With so many of our families struggling, it will take a strong, focused and dedicated person to bring about the necessary changes for our community. Solomon Ortiz, Jr. is that man."
-- Lucy Rubio - Community Leader

“November is going to have many tough Democratic races. The party needs someone who is a team player and will work together with all the candidates. Solomon Jr. has the experience and temperament to do exactly that.”
-- Rachel Gonzales - Retired Sheriff Dept and original Golden Girl

Here are just a few of the many individuals already supporting Solomon Ortiz Jr.

•Ronnie Canales – Nueces County Tax Assessor Collector
•Susie Camacho – Miller H.S. Parent
•Rudy Caceres – Constable Pct. 1
•Alicia Lopez-Guerra M.D. – Local Pediatrician
•John Kelley – Air America Radio Host, former teacher and AFT representative
•Nancy Vera – Miller H.S. teacher
•Emilio Sanchez – Former community Boxing Coach
•Dr. Victor Frazier – Minister and former CCISD Principal
•Carolyn Keith – Retired school counselor, CCISD
•Jane Wall – Current teacher and former Miller H.S. journalism instructor
•Susie Luna Saldana – Precinct Chair #72 and AFT Representative


9:04 PM

Thursday, August 03, 2006


Dear Precinct Chairs and Friends,
> I am eternally grateful and humbled by the overwhelming support of the
> District 33 Precinct Chairs for my candidacy for the Democratic Party's
> nomination to the Texas House of Representatives. We have shared this
> Educators for Danny Noyola mailout with all the Nueces County Precinct
> Chairs and would like to share this with our many friends as well. Please
> See the Attached Message Below and/or the Word Document Attachment.
> Thanks!
> Danny Noyola Sr.
> “I have been teaching with the CCISD for 17 years where I have the pleasure
> of working with many wonderful people, including Mr. Danny Noyola. Mr.
> Noyola is a perfect example of why people should go into teaching; he truly
> wants to make a difference in the lives of our youth. While at Roy Miller
> High School, I saw him make a lot of tough decisions that were solely
> motivated by student needs. He had a vision for our students and he wanted
> us to work on developing the whole student (heart, mind, body and soul). It
> was clear to me what he meant by educating the whole student. I
> whole-heartedly support Danny Noyola in his race for State Representative,
> for I believe that he will support the whole community (the hearts, minds,
> bodies and souls of his constituents).”
> Vidal S. Anzaldua - Moody, Miller and Collegiate High School Math Teacher
> “As an educator for over 32 years and having held numerous positions in the
> educational field, Mr. Danny Noyola has exhibited qualities of integrity,
> leadership, commitment, dedication and relentless energy which are the
> necessary traits enabling him to be an effective State Representative.”
> Angie H. Saenz - Miller High School Marketing Teacher
> “Danny Noyola's experience in Education and his having worked as an
> administrator and Superintendent qualify him to be our next State
> Representative. His involvement in and service to our community indeed make
> him the best candidate. His interest is in the welfare of our citizens and
> the community admires him for his dedication. I recommend him very highly.”
> O. B. Garcia - Retired School Administrator, Corpus Christi, Texas
> Former Texas Association of Secondary School Principals President
> “[Danny] I am energized by your decision to seek the nomination for State
> Representative in District 33. I am proud to have worked with you at Miller
> High School. I can personally say that everything you did was for the
> betterment of Roy Miller High Schools students, staff and community. I
> would be honored to work with you again. Good luck on your campaign. If I
> can be of help, let me know. My wife and I as well as all of our friends
> will certainly vote for you.”
> Harold M. Davis - Educator, Roy Miller High School 1965-2006
> "In my book, Danny Noyola's long history of achievement as an educator and
> his breadth of experience in community affairs would make him a very strong
> candidate in this race. That is why I am supporting Danny Noyola for State
> Representative, District 33."
> Jaime Trevino - Moody High School Teacher
> “I have known Mr. Danny Noyola for over forty years, as a baseball player,
> high school coach, School Principal, School Superintendent and Government
> Teacher. I hope to know him as the next State Representative of District 33.
> Mr. Noyola has always shown great leadership. I know that Danny Noyola
> will always consider how people - especially the poor and powerless, will be
> affected before he casts any vote. This is why I will continue to support
> Danny Noyola and what he represents.”
> Coach Steve R. Castillo - John Paul II High School,
> Former Moody High School Athletic Coordinator
> “Danny Noyola has been my student, my teaching colleague, my assistant
> principal, my principal, and my superintendent over a span of some 35 years.
> He possesses one of the most brilliant educational minds around and he is
> the most passionate and caring administrator I have ever known. Danny has
> always motivated and inspired his students, staff and community residents to
> be the very best that they can be. Danny Noyola will be a wise and
> effective State Representative for District 33!!!”
> Dr. Maurice Portis - Former West Oso High Principal & Band Director
> “I would like to endorse Mr. Danny Noyola for our next State Representative
> in District 33. He is a friend that can be trusted to help in anyway he
> can. He makes himself available to help you. Danny has done wonders for
> the community and local school districts. He puts special emphasis on
> empowering students to become active in their lives and in the democratic
> process. He has helped students become successful and productive people in
> our community. Danny can help our state because he is a doer and a
> motivator. I believe that he is the right person to serve as our next State
> Representative in District 33.”
> Leo Gonzalez - Electrical Trades Instructor, Moody High School
> “I have known Danny Noyola for many years as student, teacher and
> administrator. I think Danny will represent this district superbly;
> especially in education matters because it is the Number One issue in the
> state legislature. Danny has been successfully involved in many community
> affairs throughout his life. Therefore, I am supporting Danny Noyola to be
> the Democratic Party nominee for State Representative District 33.”
> Ken Hawkins - Retired Math Teacher, West Oso, Robstown and Odem ISDs’
> Paid for by Danny Noyola for State Rep. Dist 33, Kim Thompson, Treasurer,
> P.O. Box 571, Corpus Christi, Tx. 78403

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Former state Rep. Vilma Luna has signed on with Hillco Partners

Luna signs on with powerful Austin lobbying firm

By Jaime Powell Caller-Times
August 2, 2006

Former state Rep. Vilma Luna has signed on with Hillco Partners, widely acknowledged as the home of some of Austin's most powerful lobbyists.

Luna, a Corpus Christi Democrat who announced her resignation from the House last month, is leaving the city with husband Rico and her two sons to live in Austin, she said Tuesday.

"The real blessing is we will all be in one city," she said. "What I have done in the past is juggle a law practice, being a state representative and I think my belief is that I will be able to focus it all into one arena. I am very excited and really looking forward to a new chapter in my life. But I will miss my family, friends and wonderful constituents."

Later this month Luna will join a well-known list of Austin lobbyists at Hillco, including founders Buddy Jones, a former state representative and Bill Miller, both of whom are at or near the top of almost any list of lobbyists considered the most powerful in Austin, according to Capital Inside's Web site in Austin.

The firm, which employs between 25 and 30 lobbyists, represents glamorous sports franchises such as the Dallas Cowboys and Houston Rockets, as well as companies such as General Motors and Microsoft.

Luna, 48, had represented Corpus Christi's District 33 since she first was elected in 1993.

By 2005, after stints on the House Economic Development Committee and as vice chairwoman of the House Select Committee on Public School Finance, Luna took a seat as vice chairwoman of the influential House Appropriations Committee.

She also sat on the 10-member Legislative Budget Board and on the Calendars and Ways and Means committees.

Along the way she worked with notables such as Speaker of the House Tom Craddick, R-Midland - experience that will be valuable for lobbying purposes - political watchers including Harvey Kronberg, who publishes the online, nonpartisan newsletter "Quorum Report" have said.

Miller said Tuesday that there were a lot of firms vying for Luna.

"We won the war for her services," Miller said. "Vilma brings enormous prestige, smarts, integrity, and hard work. She is a complete package. We are overjoyed that Vilma has chosen our firm to work with."

Contact Jaime Powell at 886-3716