Monday, July 10, 2006

El Sol y La Luna

El Sol y La Luna
09:31am by Pink Lady;

General I flew back from Galveston yesterday afternoon (out of Hobby). It was quite a traumatic trip, as I had approximately five minutes to catch my flight, cut through the security line and race to my gate screaming “CRAZY BLOGGER COMING THROUGH.” The crowds parted like the Red Sea. I flew Southwest, and the next time some young newbie gets on the front speaker to sing something off-key, incorporating ‘Southwest Airlines’ into every verse, I will organize a boycott of the airline using all my power, which is to say, none.

I picked up the Statesman, my jaw dropping as I read that Rep. Vilma Luna of Corpus was retiring from the House. Seriously? SERIOUSLY? Didn’t see that one coming. I worked with Luna when I was on the Appropriations Committee and I can tell you this much. I liked her better when her hair was shorter.

Luna was one of the Craddick Democrats who became Vice Chair of the Appropriations Committee, where she diverted $100K from the rainy day fund for the Speaker’s apartment renovations. Well, really, do poor children need health insurance more than Craddick needs a gold-plated toilet?

Luna plans to move her family to Galveston where she will build a house entirely out of seaweed and work on an oil rig.

Endnote: I’d like to thank TJ Shroat for posting on Ken Lay’s passing. As you can imagine, I was too shaken up to write anything. Plus, I’m working on a conspiracy theory. Details to follow.

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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Andiamo! Who are You? And why will Vilma Luna supporters vote for you?

Before this goes any further one must realize my arms are open to all candidates. Your side of the story so you cant ever say you had not the opportunity?