Monday, July 10, 2006

El Sol y La Luna

El Sol y La Luna
09:31am by Pink Lady;

General I flew back from Galveston yesterday afternoon (out of Hobby). It was quite a traumatic trip, as I had approximately five minutes to catch my flight, cut through the security line and race to my gate screaming “CRAZY BLOGGER COMING THROUGH.” The crowds parted like the Red Sea. I flew Southwest, and the next time some young newbie gets on the front speaker to sing something off-key, incorporating ‘Southwest Airlines’ into every verse, I will organize a boycott of the airline using all my power, which is to say, none.

I picked up the Statesman, my jaw dropping as I read that Rep. Vilma Luna of Corpus was retiring from the House. Seriously? SERIOUSLY? Didn’t see that one coming. I worked with Luna when I was on the Appropriations Committee and I can tell you this much. I liked her better when her hair was shorter.

Luna was one of the Craddick Democrats who became Vice Chair of the Appropriations Committee, where she diverted $100K from the rainy day fund for the Speaker’s apartment renovations. Well, really, do poor children need health insurance more than Craddick needs a gold-plated toilet?

Luna plans to move her family to Galveston where she will build a house entirely out of seaweed and work on an oil rig.

Endnote: I’d like to thank TJ Shroat for posting on Ken Lay’s passing. As you can imagine, I was too shaken up to write anything. Plus, I’m working on a conspiracy theory. Details to follow.

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