Monday, August 14, 2006

Influence of Precinct Chairs? Threats?

ORPUS CHRISTI - The Nueces County Democratic Party has picked a nominee to run for the District 33 State Representative seat. Solomon Ortiz, Jr. will represent the Democratic Party on the November ballot.

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Ortiz beat out Danny Noyola, Sr. in a 23-20 vote Sunday, during a meeting with the Nueces County Democratic precinct chairs. It was an emotional day for both candidates.

Solomon Ortiz, Jr. could not have been happier with the result. Precinct chairs chose him over Danny Noyola to represent the Democratic Party in the District 33 State Representative race.

"It's just an emotional time, just to know that the majority of the precinct chairs have the confidence in me to represent them, and to represent he party, and to win in November," he said.

His opponent, Danny Noyola was also emotional. He said, "It's disappointing because there was so much hate coming from the Ortiz camp. It in influenced some of our precinct chairs, some of them believed some of that hate."

Noyola believes he was the target of a political attack, when he was accused of hitting a man during a live radio interview a few weeks ago.

"Quite honestly they're the scum of the earth, when they just maliciously, fictitiously, when they just come up with things like that I'm beating up on someone, it's so sad that those people revert to hate, and they're all friends of the Solomon camp," Noyola said.

But Ortiz disagrees. He said, "I ran a clean campaign." He feels he got the nomination, because he's the right man for the job, and looks forward to the November election.

"We worked very hard, until the last minute and I'm just completely honored and look forward to working hard for the people of District 33 and I'll be on the campaign trail, and I'll see everybody out soon block walking and campaigning."

Nueces County Republicans will conduct the same process Tuesday. Their candidates are Joe McComb and Raul Torres.

Online Reporter: Roxanne Carrillo

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