Friday, August 04, 2006

Was it a Hug or an assault?

WATT happened?

Was it a Hug or an assault?

Roland Garza who has been addressing the issues at Miller High School says Danny Noyola Assaulted him on his live mike show. Garza said the Community is his witness.

Danny Jr. vehemiently defends his father and call Roland Garza a flat out liar.

1440 KEYS is doing the show on it right now.

Let us see WATT happens.

WATT exactly are the Facts?

8:40 AM

Jaime Kenedeño said...

Jr says it is a false police report

it is criminal

Says Roland Garza is a Liar and is libelous

Cannot believe Garza would play politics like this.

Jr says Noyola was offered a central office position in response to the demotion.

They want Noyola on the show.

Now Willie Vaden calling in.

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