Friday, August 04, 2006

Solomon Ortiz Jr. Picks up Key Endorsements for Democratic Party’s Nomination for State Rep., District 33

Solomon Ortiz Jr. Picks up Key Endorsements for Democratic Party’s Nomination for State Rep., District 33

CORPUS CHRISTI -- With the race for District 33 heating up, Solomon Ortiz, Jr. is making progress for the Democratic Nomination. Today, one of the 3 candidates for the Democratic Primary, Roland Barrera, endorsed Ortiz, saying Ortiz is a progressive and stronger candidate for the Party in the General Election in November.

Ortiz Jr. is honored to have the support of several local leaders and the commitments of several precinct chairs. “I am truly privileged to have the support of Chairman Bonilla, Lucy Rubio and Rachael Gonzales. They represent a great cross-section of Corpus Christi and the broad range of support my campaign has generated.” Ortiz said.

“Economic development is vital for the future of Corpus Christi. Solomon has a good working relationship with present legislators in Austin and can use these and other established relationships to help bring economic prosperity to our community.”
-- Ruben Bonilla - Chairman Port of Corpus Christi

"All of us know that education is the best way out of poverty. With so many of our families struggling, it will take a strong, focused and dedicated person to bring about the necessary changes for our community. Solomon Ortiz, Jr. is that man."
-- Lucy Rubio - Community Leader

“November is going to have many tough Democratic races. The party needs someone who is a team player and will work together with all the candidates. Solomon Jr. has the experience and temperament to do exactly that.”
-- Rachel Gonzales - Retired Sheriff Dept and original Golden Girl

Here are just a few of the many individuals already supporting Solomon Ortiz Jr.

•Ronnie Canales – Nueces County Tax Assessor Collector
•Susie Camacho – Miller H.S. Parent
•Rudy Caceres – Constable Pct. 1
•Alicia Lopez-Guerra M.D. – Local Pediatrician
•John Kelley – Air America Radio Host, former teacher and AFT representative
•Nancy Vera – Miller H.S. teacher
•Emilio Sanchez – Former community Boxing Coach
•Dr. Victor Frazier – Minister and former CCISD Principal
•Carolyn Keith – Retired school counselor, CCISD
•Jane Wall – Current teacher and former Miller H.S. journalism instructor
•Susie Luna Saldana – Precinct Chair #72 and AFT Representative


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