Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Like Vicente, we hear all sides of the local talk radio

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Don't pollute your brain with right-wing garbage! Listen to "The Populist Uprising" with John Kelley in the morning, and "Moctemoc's Door" with Vicente Carranza in the afternoon, at KCCT 1150 AM.

Like Vicente, we hear all sides of the local talk radio when we are able but they learn a lot by listening to us right here in our little rooms. Every Tuesday Morning (on El Defenzor Live) we meet both wings; it just depends on which Tuesday Morning, as to whether it is the right or the left wing. It is like a check and balance system. If one can sort through the convergent posturing, the truth reveals itself. That John Gsanger is quite a Bright Guy. Intellectually stimulating political observations and very astute approach and departure from the HD #33 issues.

WATT are the issues to be addressed?



Del Mar College?



Law School?

Medical School?


One Candidate has already given his word that "he supports" Open Government Legislation.

It has been difficult engaging the other Candidate; which is kind of ironic after was not speaking on the air the motivating factor for the "live on the air" discussion and "insincere" HUG?

John Kelley, maybe you oughta cancel JUAN of the guest tomorrow; else he might get dragged into it, like Gsanger did today. Why dont you present the perfect example of non confrontation and ask him if he beleives the actions were appropriate? Ask him WATT he is gonna do about the Hector P Garcia Building and Del Mar College. Cause at DMC everybody loves his opponent.

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