Friday, August 11, 2006

Get to the issues and stop the ugliness

Dear ???????????,

In response to your initial return email on ?????????,, I apologize for bringing this information out at this time and I understand the Assistant Principal is still employed with CCISD. The issue presented is one of high priority with regard to the manipulation of JOB opportunities per Hvalinka v Schubert and the clandestine operations of hierarchy and privilege within CCISD Aristocrat Society Schmoozers “and the like”. Unfortunately, her employment with CCISD and her questionable criminal background renders your request one in which I must deny. However, I will make every effort to address the CCISD Power Structure and the position of Assistant Principal. Public Policy demands these unusual circumstances be placed on the agenda for open discussion. This is about being fair to the students and the teachers who directly interact with lower level administrators. This Assistant Principal in question appears to schmooze at high levels within the CCISD hierarchy. The hiring and continued employment of this assistant principal by CCISD is a blinking red flag. CCISD hired a FELON as an Assistant Principal. This is an un-excusable violation for CCISD. There is more to this story. Court Records demonstrate a pattern and a series of re-occurring events, possibly criminal in nature.


The choice must be based on a number of qualifiers.

I believe there is a better choice at this time. The information (email correspondence) IMO substantially redeems Mr. Noyola regarding his direct involvement in the manipulation, skewing or tampering of grades & attendance at Miller High School. CCISD brought in a tandem specialty for performance appearances. The numbers needed to be classified so that CCISD / Miller High School could not lose money for the absent and the low grades. The CCISD structure encourages liberal use of certain labels and titles; CCISD uses the Special Education umbrella for the School / District’s benefit. In the TAKS test, certain exclusions of select students allow these students to take another test that has no effect on the overall score of the school. CCISD brought the Tandem in (like Troutman brings in Rambo) to complete a mission. However, should the mission fail; CCISD will avow no knowledge. Through the path of redemption, a just path; a significant error in judgment, submitted as an “insincere hug”; demonstrated a most concerning flaw that cannot be discounted. Regardless of the actions on the part of Roland Garza; this displaced frustration displayed an Achilles heel, a lack of composure and exhibited prudence far below par for the course with respect to the diplomacy mandated for the JOB in Austin. Frustration has blurred one’s judgment on all sides of this issue.

As a Statesman, representing HD #33 one requirement for the position must be accountability to the District he represents. In this category, accountability will be enforced, as it is an integral product of Open Government. We will be watching.

Passion blurs the mind when there is too much of it. My Father always told me, “Never let em see you sweat boy”, so that’s how I went to batter’s box (with two strikes). I struck out a whole lot of times in practice. Game time is where you never let em see you sweat and hardly ever did I get the third strike and when I did I knew not to sweat it, there would be another chance. So like a well-poised Quarterback after a sack that gets up and walks back to the huddle (like nothing ever happened) with confidence in tact; so must be our next choice for HD #33 State Representative. We have had a couple of physical scuffles in our US House of Reps and / or Congress; but this is not the way things are accomplished. Physical posturing is unproductive in our Lege.

Danny allowed himself to be drawn into a trap. Never blame the umpire; even when he needs new glasses, LOL. IMO, Roland was confronting CCISD with the facts and he was armed with evidence that focuses on the allegations. Mr. Noyola was used and undermined by CCISD and the relationship with felonious assistant principal whose expertise / “specialty discipline” historically resides in the manipulation of statistical numbers and categories or in a more cogent definition; an applicable term would be Tampering with a Government Document with intent to defraud and harm. Our new State Representative of HD #33 must “Never let em see him sweat” and always remain composed.

Also, we need our next HD #33 State Representative to talk to us. Both Candidates need to speak to the people. I have spoken with both men; both possess very likeable personas. WATT I am talking about is ironic. Danny wanted to be heard on the air with Roland Garza yet, when the Local Stations wanted to hear his side and he has the opportunity to get a message out; he refrains. We wanted to here from YOU Danny Sr. Solly, well we haven’t heard much from him either. Is that how it is expected to be when one of these guys get the JOB in Austin? Show us some skills? Now or later? Do you support Open Government? How will you go about legislating Open Government?

Get to the issues and stop the ugliness.

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