Thursday, August 03, 2006


Dear Precinct Chairs and Friends,
> I am eternally grateful and humbled by the overwhelming support of the
> District 33 Precinct Chairs for my candidacy for the Democratic Party's
> nomination to the Texas House of Representatives. We have shared this
> Educators for Danny Noyola mailout with all the Nueces County Precinct
> Chairs and would like to share this with our many friends as well. Please
> See the Attached Message Below and/or the Word Document Attachment.
> Thanks!
> Danny Noyola Sr.
> “I have been teaching with the CCISD for 17 years where I have the pleasure
> of working with many wonderful people, including Mr. Danny Noyola. Mr.
> Noyola is a perfect example of why people should go into teaching; he truly
> wants to make a difference in the lives of our youth. While at Roy Miller
> High School, I saw him make a lot of tough decisions that were solely
> motivated by student needs. He had a vision for our students and he wanted
> us to work on developing the whole student (heart, mind, body and soul). It
> was clear to me what he meant by educating the whole student. I
> whole-heartedly support Danny Noyola in his race for State Representative,
> for I believe that he will support the whole community (the hearts, minds,
> bodies and souls of his constituents).”
> Vidal S. Anzaldua - Moody, Miller and Collegiate High School Math Teacher
> “As an educator for over 32 years and having held numerous positions in the
> educational field, Mr. Danny Noyola has exhibited qualities of integrity,
> leadership, commitment, dedication and relentless energy which are the
> necessary traits enabling him to be an effective State Representative.”
> Angie H. Saenz - Miller High School Marketing Teacher
> “Danny Noyola's experience in Education and his having worked as an
> administrator and Superintendent qualify him to be our next State
> Representative. His involvement in and service to our community indeed make
> him the best candidate. His interest is in the welfare of our citizens and
> the community admires him for his dedication. I recommend him very highly.”
> O. B. Garcia - Retired School Administrator, Corpus Christi, Texas
> Former Texas Association of Secondary School Principals President
> “[Danny] I am energized by your decision to seek the nomination for State
> Representative in District 33. I am proud to have worked with you at Miller
> High School. I can personally say that everything you did was for the
> betterment of Roy Miller High Schools students, staff and community. I
> would be honored to work with you again. Good luck on your campaign. If I
> can be of help, let me know. My wife and I as well as all of our friends
> will certainly vote for you.”
> Harold M. Davis - Educator, Roy Miller High School 1965-2006
> "In my book, Danny Noyola's long history of achievement as an educator and
> his breadth of experience in community affairs would make him a very strong
> candidate in this race. That is why I am supporting Danny Noyola for State
> Representative, District 33."
> Jaime Trevino - Moody High School Teacher
> “I have known Mr. Danny Noyola for over forty years, as a baseball player,
> high school coach, School Principal, School Superintendent and Government
> Teacher. I hope to know him as the next State Representative of District 33.
> Mr. Noyola has always shown great leadership. I know that Danny Noyola
> will always consider how people - especially the poor and powerless, will be
> affected before he casts any vote. This is why I will continue to support
> Danny Noyola and what he represents.”
> Coach Steve R. Castillo - John Paul II High School,
> Former Moody High School Athletic Coordinator
> “Danny Noyola has been my student, my teaching colleague, my assistant
> principal, my principal, and my superintendent over a span of some 35 years.
> He possesses one of the most brilliant educational minds around and he is
> the most passionate and caring administrator I have ever known. Danny has
> always motivated and inspired his students, staff and community residents to
> be the very best that they can be. Danny Noyola will be a wise and
> effective State Representative for District 33!!!”
> Dr. Maurice Portis - Former West Oso High Principal & Band Director
> “I would like to endorse Mr. Danny Noyola for our next State Representative
> in District 33. He is a friend that can be trusted to help in anyway he
> can. He makes himself available to help you. Danny has done wonders for
> the community and local school districts. He puts special emphasis on
> empowering students to become active in their lives and in the democratic
> process. He has helped students become successful and productive people in
> our community. Danny can help our state because he is a doer and a
> motivator. I believe that he is the right person to serve as our next State
> Representative in District 33.”
> Leo Gonzalez - Electrical Trades Instructor, Moody High School
> “I have known Danny Noyola for many years as student, teacher and
> administrator. I think Danny will represent this district superbly;
> especially in education matters because it is the Number One issue in the
> state legislature. Danny has been successfully involved in many community
> affairs throughout his life. Therefore, I am supporting Danny Noyola to be
> the Democratic Party nominee for State Representative District 33.”
> Ken Hawkins - Retired Math Teacher, West Oso, Robstown and Odem ISDs’
> Paid for by Danny Noyola for State Rep. Dist 33, Kim Thompson, Treasurer,
> P.O. Box 571, Corpus Christi, Tx. 78403

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