Thursday, August 31, 2006

Finally, there is a way to out "Loophole" the "Loopholes"

Perry calls special election for Luna's seat

McComb, Ortiz to make their bids; Noyola undecided

By Israel Saenz and Jaime Powell Caller-Times
August 30, 2006

The Nov. 7 special election, which would fill the seat between the November vote and early January, could give one of the current nominees two-months' seniority over incoming freshmen legislators. Candidates must file for the special election by 5 p.m. Friday.

JK: Let me see if I can discern?

Does this mean we can have two winners?

One for the special election and one for the general election?

Does the two loophole candidates have to pay another filing fee or submit petition to file for the special election?

This should have been done in the first place!

Next time somebody resigns, we need to force the governor to call for a special election and leave the chair massage out of the equation.

"It is within Gov. Perry's authority to call a special election," he said. "We still plan on winning and we're going to work just as hard as before."

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